Friends of Tilgate Park

Our Story


The Friends of Tilgate Park (FOTP) is a voluntary group that works closely with the Park Manager Nick Hagon to ensure that our park is safe, attractive and well-used.


FOTP has been recently set up to ensure our park is well cared for and maintained, and has a planned and healthy future, preserving it for future generations.


Our work will include organising various events and activities in the park, as well as working with others to raise funds for restoration and improvements.


We get our income from events and donations. 


The Friends group organises social and other events related to the park and the local area to raise funds to support the park, to add to public knowledge and interest in the park, and to create publicity for the Friends.


FOTP will work in partnership with other organisations, groups, the local Council and local schools and people.

Work to safeguard the legacy of the park for our community and present and future visitors.

Work to produce an income which will be used to maintain and develop the park infrastructure. 

Encourage all of our  community to use the park more fully. 

Work with local organisations to produce a wide range of activities for all age groups that will encourage people to use the park.

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